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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Michael Jordan Basketball Cards - Singles Day and Black Friday Cyber Monday Special

Michael Jordan autographs will be presented here, including Exquisite Logoman patch autos, as well as Ultimate Collection and Upper Deck Jordan autographs, as well as a Fleer rookie buyback autograph as available.  These are great to buy for Single's Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday.  This article will also reintroduce some of the other great Michael Jordan memorabilia items contained throughout this wonderful website of My Baseball Card Space. Here are some basic MJ items that are not cards in their entirety, just basic jerseys and collectibles.
This page will have the most famous sets in basketball from the 1980's which include the Michael Jordan rookies.  Be careful when purchasing them because counterfeits have been known to be in existence and the star company basketball cards easily can be fakes.  You will want to buy from reputable sources and graded versions of them when possible, I cannot stress that enough.  All of the links on this page lead to relevant content so make sure to bookmark this page and web site as you go to the other pages.  I have organized all of the information and Ebay searches to your benefit.
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Here are links to the Michael Jordan cards and autographs: Michael Jordan Autograph 
  Michael Jordan Autograph Ebay
Michael Jordan Autographed Basketball Cards   Michael Jordan Basketball Cards  
 Michael Jordan Basketball Cards Sale
Michael Jordan Collectibles    Michael Jordan Exquisite   Michael Jordan Exquisite Jersey   Michael Jordan Exquisite Patch
Michael Jordan Exquisite Autograph    Michael Jordan Fleer Premier   
Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie   Michael Jordan Fleer Ultra
Michael Jordan Game Floor     Michael Jordan Logoman    Michael Jordan Rookie    
Michael Jordan Rookie on Ebay
Michael Jordan Shoes    Michael Jordan Shoes Sale    Michael Jordan Signed   Michael Jordan Topps Finest
Michael Jordan autographs are excellent additions to basketball collections.  Happy shopping.

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